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Louisiana Cardiovascular & Limb Salvage Center

Louisiana Cardiovascular & Limb Salvage Center, is committed to staying on the leading edge of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart and peripheral vascular disease, including venous diseases.  Our focus is on the patient, we are dedicated to making an accurate diagnosis of the disease, determining the best possible treatment, and communicating that treatment to you and your primary care physician.


Lafayette, LA
Tel: (337) 456-6523
901 Wilson Street,
Lafayette, LA 70503
Bunkie, LA
Tel: (337) 456-6523

510 S. Cottonwood Street

Bunkie, LA 71322

Lafayette, LA
Tel: (337) 456-6523

110 Hospital Drive

Lafayette, LA 70503

Franklin, LA
Tel: (337) 456-6523

200 Medical Drive

Franklin, LA 70538

Sunset, LA
Tel: (337) 456-6523

166 Oak Tree Park Drive

Sunset, LA 70584

Crowley, LA
Tel: (337) 456-6523

1455 Wright Ave., Ste B

Crowley, LA 70526


I have been with this doctor over 25 years. I was 28 years old and developed a DVT. I lived in Huntsville, AL and could not find a doctor that would seek out the cause of the venous stasis ulcers I developed on my right foot. They all wanted to treat the symptoms and collect money. I research my condition and found Dr David Allie. In the past 25+ years; he has developed several cutting edge techniques that have saved my legs twice. I will not go anywhere else, I drive 8 hrs to see him. If your doctor is recommending amputation; PLEASE see Dr Allie for a second opinion.





901 Wilson Street

Lafayette, LA 70503


(337) 456-6523